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Alex Reed NAFI MCFIAlex Reed, MCFI 05/2023-05/2025:

Reed’s aviation career started in Novi, Michigan in 2016. As a child, Reed had always been interested in airplanes. He is a first-generation pilot in his family. He began flight training in the Civil Air Patrol with several volunteer instructors who were willing to mentor him into the industry. A number of these instructors were also NAFI members who possessed a Master Instructor Accreditation or Associate Master Instructor Accreditation.

Reed continued flight training through high school and achieved his private pilot certificate in early 2019. Following high school, Reed moved down to Daytona Beach, Florida to attend ATP flight school. During his time at ATP, Reed earned his instrument rating, and commercial, commercial-multi engine, and CFI certificates. He ended his ATP journey to move back to Michigan and instruct at Solo Aviation, a local flight school.

One of his goals as an instructor is to make a difference. He said his biggest desire is to be the instructor students look at for an example. Reed wants to share his love of aviation and has donated numerous instructional hours in Civil Air Patrol to help pilots knock off the rust or help a student pilot see what instruction is all about. He loves to help deserving pilots reach their goals, no matter what it takes. Earlier this year, Reed finished the requirements to earn the FAA Gold Seal Flight Instructor certificate.

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Karen Kalishek NAFI Master Instructor MCFIKaren A. Kalishek, MCFI 03/2017-03/2025:

This is Kalishek’s fourth NAFI Master Accreditation.
Kalishek was an aviation late bloomer. As happens to many pilots, after lessons at a younger age, life got in the way. She became a certified public accountant, licensed real estate broker, bank executive, taught finance courses in graduate school, and for 20 years ran her own firm providing international consulting services in 37 countries in North America, Europe, Asia, Africa, the Caribbean, and the Middle East. Then the aviation bug bit once again and did not let go. Kalishek is now a designated pilot examiner and independent Master and Gold Seal flight instructor with ATP, CFI, CFII, CFIME, CFI-Glider, AGI, and IGI certificates. She has a special fondness for antique and experimental aircraft and flies her own Van's RV-6.

Kalishek is a major in the Civil Air Patrol, serving as a CAP volunteer flight instructor, G1000 instructor, check pilot, examiner, safety officer, aerospace education officer, public affairs officer, special flight release officer, mission pilot, and cadet orientation pilot. Kalishek serves on the NAFI board of directors and is the current NAFI board chair. She is also a member of the General Aviation Joint Safety Committee, Wings Industry Network and FAA Surface Safety Group. In 2014, she founded the Green Bay IMC Club, and serves as its leader and club coordinator. For the past decade, she has held various volunteer positions with the EAA Pilot Proficiency Center, serving on the organizing committee and as a flight instructor or operations manager during EAA AirVenture Oshkosh.

Since 2006, she has served as treasurer of EAA Chapter 651, and is an EAA Flight Advisor for the chapter. Kalishek is a member of Women in Aviation, The Ninety Nines and Women Soaring Pilots Association. Kalishek has served as a FAASTeam Representative since 2013, FAASTeam Lead Representative for the Milwaukee FSDO since 2015, is a WINGS Pro and was named the 2019 National FAA Safety Team Representative of the Year. A passionate advocate of aviation safety, she has created and delivered hundreds of safety presentations to various groups.

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Wesley Spier NAFI A-MCFIWesley Spier, Associate MCFI 05/2023-05/2025:

Growing up in Central Oregon, Spier developed a passion for aviation as a child and was fortunate enough to obtain his private pilot certification just after high school. Aviation introduced Spier to a newfound passion as he discovered the possibilities of being an aviator are virtually endless. The experiences, views, and unique opportunities are afforded only to a small population of the world, and he was ecstatic to be a part of it. Unfortunately, the expense of flying barred his ability to continue into the field. Spier instead shifted gears and became a paramedic until such a time that pilot demand grew, and financial programs allowed for a clear pathway into the field.

Spier finished his certifications from ATP flight school in Las Vegas, Nevada earning his instrument, commercial multi, CFI, CFII, and MEI. After graduation he began working as a flight instructor for a local flight school where he had the privilege to share his passion of aviation with students. Watching their careers develop with each checkride pass is the ultimate privilege and he couldn’t be prouder to be a part of a community with such opportunities.

Spier said being selected for the Associate Master CFI program by NAFI is an ultimate dream. His first DPE was a Master CFI who consistently encouraged him to be the best he could be, while also lifting up those around him to their dreams and goals.

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