Meet The Elite Balloon Instructors




Kent J. Barns, EBI 12/2019-12/2021:

Barnes, from Murray, UT, currently serves as Assistant Chief Instructor at Balloon the Rockies, a part 141 Flight School. He began with Balloon the Rockies in 2008 as a flight instructor. Barnes has over 1,550 hours LTA PIC time which includes over 680 hours of providing instruction to students.

As an instructor, Barnes has successfully trained many students to their LTA balloon rating. With student’s, Barnes is regarded as calm, yet effective. Former student, Derek Mortensen, recalls, “I lacked confidence in my first few lessons. In hind sight, I made some ridiculous errors, but Kent always remained cool and collected. His ability to foresee a balloons path is remarkable.”
As an educator, Barnes has developed a pre solo written exam, and private pilot training guide. Barnes has also organized a local safety seminar – orchestrating scheduling, venue and speakers. The seminars are known to be well run and provide great learning opportunities.
Barnes has provided great service to the aviation community and has kept his own professional education up to date. Barnes is recognized by the local FAA FSDO as being the “balloon person” for the office. Barnes is highly regarded by the FAA for his “dedication to safety, passing his knowledge on to future generations of balloonists, and passion.”

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