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The NAFI Official Insurance Provider

Avemco® is our official insurance company sponsor because they understand the unique problems and needs of flight instructors. After all,they’ve been insuring CFIs and other pilots for over 50 years.

Customized Insurance Program Only for NAFI Members

Avemco created and underwrites the NAFI CFI Insurance program, with advantages available only to NAFI members. You have the option of purchasing coverage for the select type aircraft you instruct in. And NAFI members with a helicopter endorsement can add rotorcraft liability coverage for most single-engine piston-powered helicopters.

Personalized Service

Whenever you call Avemco at (888) 635 4306 or email them at [email protected], you will be connected directly with an Aviation Insurance Specialist in their Frederick, MD home office. You’ll speak with someone experienced in the challenges and responsibilities that come from instructing in an airplane or helicopter you don’t own. Every Avemco Aviation Insurance Specialist is empowered to solve problems, answer questions and approve coverage based on your unique situation…not what some rulebook says.         

Fast, Fair Claims Service

Avemco has built its reputation on customer service and the desire to settle claims quickly, fairly and with a minimum of delay.

Click here to learn more about the many advantages of the NAFI CFI Insurance Program, only from Avemco, exclusively NAFI members.