Giving Thanks: How You Can Help

From NAFI's Chair

Giving Thanks: How You Can Help

Thanksgiving is upon us.   Most of us will gather with family and friends tomorrow to celebrate each other and share our good fortune. Some will be deployed at military bases around the world, while others will work in our communities to protect us, minister to our health, transport us, and the myriad other things that keep this complex society running smoothly; we should remember to thank them for their service.
As I look back on NAFI's accomplishments this year, I'm thankful for all the hard work of our staff and volunteers.   Through the efforts of Rick Todd, Lauretta Godbey, John Niehaus, David Hipschman, Brandon Brown, NAFI members Harvey "Gus" Putsche and John Teipen, speakers at the Professional Development Center, our Master Instructor Program reviewers, the Professional Development Program (PDP) steering committee, and our volunteers at AirVenture, NAFI has had incredible success this year. I'd be remiss if I didn't also acknowledge NAFI's volunteer Board of Directors as well.
Programs such as MentorLive, the PDP, NAFI's increased presence at AirVenture and the AOPA fly-ins, along with the long established NAFI Master Program, Mentor magazine, and eMentor have helped raise the bar in the education and professionalism of the flight instructor community. A special thanks is also due to the NAFI members who have donated their time and expertise to write for Mentor magazine. And the membership is also extremely grateful to NAFI's sponsors and advertisers for their continued support.
This Thanksgiving comes at an important juncture in aviation history. There is a huge demand for and subsequent shortage of professional pilots. As a consequence, because flight instruction is a pathway to airline and corporate careers, there is a shortage of flight instructors. Many schools and FBOs have had difficulty in meeting their CFI staffing needs during this time of growth of the industry.
This leads to two different categories of flight instructor. For the experienced instructor, including those with well-established careers, there is the desire to grow and become better at the job. These individuals also have a strong desire to give back to the community. New instructors in their first professional aviation experience, often wonder if they're doing the right things. A lot of what I see from these individuals falls into the category of "not knowing what I don't know." This is why your role as a member in helping NAFI provide its programs is so important.
To help continue to provide and improve these programs that benefit you, your fellow instructors, and the entire aviation community please consider donating to NAFI. Your financial contribution will help support the NAFI Professional Development Program, MentorLIVE, NAFI's Publications and the NAFI Master Instructor Program.

Simply click this link to donate.
Thank you in advance for your generosity and have a wonderful Thanksgiving.

Bob Meder,
NAFI Board Chair
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