NAFI Announces Dates and Venue for Industry-Wide Conference for Flight Instructors

Portage, MI, November 14, 2022 - The National Association of Flight Instructors (NAFI) announces the venue and dates for NAFI Summit: Flight Instruction Excellence.  NAFI has selected the Sun ‘n Fun Campus at Lakeland Linder International Airport, Florida (KLAL) to host the NAFI Summit which will be held October 24 -26, 2023.  

This event is dedicated to professionalism in aviation education and training. The event will host current and prospective certified flight instructors, aviation leaders, industry advocates, government representatives, and media. NAFI President Paul Preidecker commented, “NAFI’s selection of the Sun ‘n Fun campus for the Summit reflects upon and reinforces both organizations’ commitment to excellence in aviation through education, mentorship, and advocacy.”

The NAFI Summit will bring stakeholders in the flight instruction community together to share best practices, relevant business skills, and instructional techniques, along with networking opportunities. The summit will also feature keynote speakers addressing the vital role of flight instructors, with an emphasis on continuous improvement in safety and customer service.

NAFI will provide regular updates as plans for NAFI Summit are finalized.

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